About Junior Surfer

It's safe to say we don't need to describe the types of inappropriate websites that abound on the web, places you defiantly don't wont young children viewing. That is why we created Junior Surfer, a web safe browser that uses advanced filters and screening mechanisms to block those unwanted sites and advertisements.

We are a non-profit group of programmers, parents and educators. Our mission is to build technology that creates a safer web experience for children and adults. Junior Surfer is a part of that goal aiming at a more kid friendly browser interface with parental controls and filters.

Parts of our team also work with Surf Cop, which creates and manages web filters and databases that classify and screen Internet content. This screening process is part automated, part elbow grease and part user feedback. With over 10 Billion websites on the Internet today it's impossible to look at every single one and audit it, so we concentrate on the most popular and try and automate the rest unless a user makes a suggestion.

We encourage parents, educators, librarians and daycares to try our program, it is free. We hope to create a better Internet experience for everyone, especially children.

Browser Features

The Junior Surfer browser is a modern web browser filled with Internet safety features integrated directly into it without the need of adding plug-ins and third part programs.

website filters
Website Filters

Before a website is loaded it is checked to determine what kind of site it is and that is safe to visit based on our automated filtering.

cloud settings
Cloud Settings

Admins/Parents can selectively choose to allow or block websites and save and share settings across multiple systems.

ad blocking
Ad Blocking

We are partnered with Surf Cop and utilize their ad blocking and privacy screening technology to block 99% banners and popups.

simple design
Simple Design

Junior Surfer is designed to be a simple to use browser, easy for kids to learn the basics of Internet surfing.

category control
Category Control

Websites are categorized on type such as ecommerce, social, search. You can set which of these types are accessible.

bugs free
Bug Free

We constantly work to improve the software by internal audits and user feedback to fix bugs and improve the program.