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Safe Browsing // Privacy // Ad Blocking
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Kid Friendly

Junior Surfer Brower is a fully featured browser but with simplified controls and options. Easily turn on or off features you want to allow password protect the settings.

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Safe Browsing

Websites are screened and filtered based on content and simple admin/parental controls allow you to choose what types of websites that are allowed to be viewed.

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Ad Blocking

99% of Internet Ads, such as banners, pop-ups and click bait links are blocked automatically by Junior Browser.

Junior Surfer Features

JRSurfer or Junior Surfer is a free kid friendly browser that simple to use and offers advanced web filtering and ad blocking features. There are many advantages for using our browser as shown below.

website filters
Website Filters

Before a website is loaded it is checked to determine what kind of site it is and that is safe to visit based on our automated filtering.

cloud settings
Cloud Settings

Admins/Parents can selectively choose to allow or block websites and save and share settings across multiple systems.

ad blocking
Ad Blocking

We are partnered with Surf Cop and utilize their ad blocking and privacy screening technology to block 99% banners and popups.

simple design
Simple Design

Junior Surfer is designed to be a simple to use browser, easy for kids to learn the basics of Internet surfing.

category control
Category Control

Websites are categorized on type such as ecommerce, social, search. You can set which of these types are accessible.

bugs free
Bug Free

We constantly work to improve the software by internal audits and user feedback to fix bugs and improve the program.

JRSurfer Browser screen shot
No Membership

100% Free Software

No Virsuses, No Malware, No Adware

What They Say About Junior Surfer

Read what industry professionals are saying about the Junior Surfer Browser. All testimonials are unsolicited, however some have been edited for clarity.

Commercial License Details

JRSurfer is free for home, education, library and non-profit use. If you are wanting to integrate the software with a commercial product or brand the software or obtain the source code please contact us for licensing details.

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